New Technologies

Our specialty practice is committed to excellence and using state-of-the-art technology to enhance patient care. We will provide a comfortable experience throughout your appointment. With our experienced team’s dedication to efficient care and new technology, most procedures are completed in one visit.

Operating Microscopes

We utilize an operating microscope to magnify and illuminate the inside of your tooth, so procedures can be done precisely and efficiently, offering a more successful result. A good outcome is transformed into an excellent outcome using magnification. A camera in the microscope can document and record your procedure to share with your dentist.

Digital Radiography

Our office uses digital radiography to limit your exposure to radiation and to obtain more diagnostic imaging of your teeth. Because they are digital, the images can be enhanced by the computer for improved visualization and diagnosis. Patients can easily view the images we take, so they have a better understanding of their tooth problem and the treatment needed to correct it. The digital images can instantly be sent to your referring dentist for his review and discussion.

Electronic Apex Locators

We use apex locators to precisely measure the dimensions of your tooth electronically. With this technology your treatment will be more accurate, fewer x-rays will be needed and the length of your appointment will be shorter.


Ultrasonic handpieces and instruments are often used instead of the dental drill to remove or loosen obstructions in your tooth that would otherwise prevent successful endodontic treatment. Ultrasonic instruments are often used in conjunction with the operating microscope.

What about infection control?

Our office uses state-of-the-art sterilization for all instruments to eliminate the chance of contamination. Instruments are scrubbed, ultrasonically cleaned, and sterilized in a steam autoclave at high temperature and pressure. We use disposable supplies and instruments to augment our sterilization procedures. All exposed surfaces are cleaned and disinfected in accordance with OSHA guidelines. Dr. Goodman is a member of OSAP, the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures which is an organization dedicated to advancing infection control.

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